Confessions of a Shopaholic

4:43 PM

Cant wait to watch this movie tomorrow....sapa nak ikut....??!!aheh...
i read this novel within 2 days only. =)..really enjoyed it... luv the character of Rebecca Bloomwood...cute, funny and lighthearted....i laugh out loud in some part...I like Rebecca's character because the only flaw in her character is she just doesn't have control when it comes to shopping; otherwise, she's a really good person (from the outrageous reasons that she gave to delay paying her bills ... for god sake, she can't even lie! she has to be a good person)....I loved her fantasies about how to earn more money, and the end is very sweet. Plus, it gave me some ideas on how to avoid paying my credit card bills..heheh..

so why r u still Cineleisure and book the tix now....!!

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