Book : Law of Attraction

11:55 AM

Someone asked me to review about this of attraction..

I used to knew about this law about 2 years ago when I watched a short movie called "the secret" dah ada buku pun...suddenly it become a phenomenon. everyone talked about it!..oprah,martha stewart,others talk show..etc...

This book teach about new philosophy called "law of attraction"..This law is about what we radiate outward in our thoughts, feeling, mental picture and words we will attract it to our life..meaning apa yang kita fikir, itu lah yang kita akan dapat samada kita suka atau tidak...we will attract either positive or negative energy whatever we give attention, energy and focus to ...

The" words" we used everyday also can affect our thinking n thought... This book teach me on how to identify my desire,how to give attention to my desire and the process of allow it happen.... appreciation and gratitude also important that can offer strong, positive vibrations ...very simple techniques to do and have a lot of example to follow...

Very worth to buy if you want to know how u can change you life in the way u want!!!

Adios n cheers!!

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  1. mm..rase mcm nk bli je bku ni..
    mane tau kan..leh jd sesuatu yang lebih baik pada diri sy..hihi
    ermm..tenkiu sis! ;-D

  2. belilah yeh milo....the best investment is to invest yourself with the knowledge..cyaiyok2..!!

  3. Fariza,what a good review.Thank you very much. Yesss... buku macam ni la I cari...I ASAP akan pi cari lepas ni kalau berpeluang melintas depan kadai buku. Thank you the very much !


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