Movie- Star Trek

9:30 PM

i love watching movies.especially at Cineleisure, Damansara
Senang parking, tak perlu beratur lame2, kerusi yang sangat empuk ( if citer tak best boleh tertido..huhu) dan tak sesak...
The best movie so far until now is.Star Trek- the Future Begin.
At first memang tak pernah berminat pun nak pegi tengok becoz im not the fan of star trek tv series... and im not into the aliens/sci fiction/spaceship things.....
but after i have watched it, ...mmg tersangat best for the storyline,CGI and special effects,and also very dramatic ...x bosan dari mula hingga habis...
i love 2 characters in this movie - Spock ( Syler ...dlm cita Heroes.. ) and of coz Capt Kirk....=) young n handsome...
Rating 4.5/5
really worth to watch this movie......
Happy sokmo...=)

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  1. got to agree, star trek is a spectacular movie.

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