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9:26 PM

I’m still very new in this blogging world…. I really enjoyed reading others people writing about their life as a- student |teacher |mother | engineer | businesswoman | freelancer |etc….it’s like a diary or journal to share with others…even this will exposed us to the unfamiliar person/strangers but blogging is one of the way to tell n share with others about the experienced we have faced and freely to express our view point….though I’m not good in writing , but this is the place where I be able to practice to sharpen my skills on writing….who knows maybe one day I’ll have my own books like Xandria Oii….=)….amin.

Some people can earn money just from blogging……like 5xmom…she earned almost 4 digits monthly…..owh bestnye….no need 9-5 job to get such a money…. do what she loves to do n have her own leisure time…just put the advertisements like Nuffnang, Google Adscene, adverlets , affiliate program ,etc in your blog to get the extra’s so easy to make money….but u must make sure to keep updating your blog frequently ...just spend only 15 minutes from your 24 hours daily to keep posted in your blog..

Like myself, I have locate Nuffnang advertisement at the right-top of my blog ….at first, Im so curious and interested to know why every bloggers have Nuffnang program ….this blog will explain the basic things about it…From nuffnang, I can checked my traffic- how many unique visitor per day, to check the referrer that click to my blog, nuffnagers that visit my blog, new post in Innit , and also can check how much I earn….it is so simple and easy….. =)…as of now I only have about 30-40 unique visitor per day…so im in the process to get more traffic to my blog… u have any tips to share with me..??ahe..When the times come, to cash out my first payment from nuffnang then I will let u know…ok.=)…peace…

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  1. I like blogging too and reading people's blog, especially those from innit.

    Hmm, i like nuffnang

  2. Wow, ur traffic a lot lah!
    I just started 30/3/09.
    Long way to go. We must support each other ok!

  3. Hi, nice to read ur blog!
    very inspiring...
    Do drop by at my blog, tks!

  4. Thank you for visiting mg blog...orait we support each other okey ..


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