Do you know how to make yourself feel good?

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We can control our mind and emotions…If you wanted to, couldn’t you get depressed at a moment’s notice…? Very easily rite…Just by focusing on something in the pass that was horrible…We all have some experience in our past that is pretty bad ,don’t we? But if we focus on it enough and have picture and think about it, pretty soon we will start feel it…hurmmm..

That why we (usually women) keep crying…and crying when we play the awful movies in our head again..and again..rewind and replay back….and at the end we feel the pain and still don’t solve any problems…

But if you wanted to feel like you were in ecstasy right now, could you? … could do this just like easily…just remember the time when you were in absolute ,total ecstasy..? could you focus on how your body felt? or you could focus on things you’re ecstatic about in your life right now, on what you feel is great in your life…Focus determines whether you perceive your reality as good or bad , whether you feel happy or sad…The most powerful way to control focus is through the use of questions…for whateva your ask, your brain provide the answer…If you ask” why is the person is taking advantage of me?”, then you are going to focus on how you are being taken advantage of, whether it is true or not…But if you ask “ how I can turn this around?”, your brain will thinking to find the solution and you ‘ll get more empowering answer…

So do you know how to make yourself to feel good? This is the list of 30 ways to change how I feel, to go from pain to pleasure and to feel good immediately….

1. Listening to music

2. Eating out with friends

3. Jogging and work out…i love the rosy-glowing cheek when im sweating

4. Driving alone to unfamiliar place

5. Going to Borders Gardens….

6. berdoa….

7. Going back to visit my mum

8. Laughing is the best medicine ..

9. Watching DVD

10. Reading self help book…or kinsella’s series

11. Make over..

12. Hugging

13. Dreaming….

14. Sleeping…..

15. Getting to know new friends

16. Texting to your loved one

17. Swimming

18. Shopping..the best therapy…. =)

19. Massaging…I love back massage..

20. Tidying up my place

21. Singing aloud in my car

22. Cooking/baking…later I’ll share about my muffins..

23. Writing in my journal

24. Smiling….

25. I love starbucks n subway’s sandwich

26. Dancing with Paula Abdul’s dvd….

27. Having a new hair cut

28. Creating new idea/new hobby

29. Doing anything that makes me feel like im contributing

30. Blogging

So what’s yours?

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  1. hello dear..

    You do have great ideas.. well, people with great ideas will attract great friends... cheers.. just get moving..

  2. Thanks a ton it has been a fantastic help, now to make ourself feel good? is simple and easy with the help of your information. Thanks


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